Features to Look for in a Project Management Application

A project management application has the primary purpose of collaborating various teams or departments working towards a common objective, to get access to necessary resources in real time and to have updated information. Beyond that, a project management application must empower the management or manager to supervise the work being done and to assess in real time the performance of every contributing staff. Depending on the exact purpose of a software tool, there should be a few typical and some special features. Since special needs can vary, here are some standard features that you should look for in a project management application.

• The overall interface of the project management application must be simple enough but it should offer a gateway to all the resources or tools that a manager and every team member require. At the very onset, a manager should be able to check the tasks in progress and must be able to check the people who have been assigned specific responsibilities. This same feature will also allow the people working on the project to know what their individual and their collective responsibilities are. Delegating is an important function in managing teams and that is what this feature will allow the manager to do.

• Tracking the progress is very important. Without that, a whole team can fall short of completing the task and the outcomes could be subpar given the deadlines. Tracking the progress will allow everyone working on the same project to be aware of the overall and individual progress. The manager can take necessary measures as and when the team or an individual fall short.

• A project management application should allow a manager to get through to the nitty-gritty. It is not always about the overall picture or the summaries. Individual tasks, time taken for every task, the total time put in by every member of the team, the breaks, the correspondences and every such productive or informative aspect must be recorded. A manager should be able to check out the reports and get an overview and should he or she want to delve into the details, then the filtering process must be simple enough.

• A project management application should have interfaces to allow multiparty conversations or chats and video calls if desired, an easy interface with drag and drop features to allow quick attaching of files and prompt use of the tools available. From organizers to timelines, notes to reminders, contacts to files, the application must have all necessary tools to make the whole process smoother and more efficient.


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